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Brief Introduction of Minerals Exploration Branch
of China Mining Association

Minerals Exploration Branch (MEB) of China Mining Association, approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Civil Administration, is a community organization of minerals exploration section in China. MEB is non benefit-making unit consisting of geological exploring units, exploration companies, contract companies, geoscience institutes, consultative agencies, medium agencies and other organizations concerned.

The purpose of MEB: to serve association members in geological mineral exploration, to serve government departments concerned to make out mineral exploration strategy policy.
Now there are 133 members and a permanent organization - secretariant in MEB. The secretariate is divided into three sections: comprehensive, professional and information section.

We provide website of "China Exploration" and publication: "Periodical of Minerals Exploration Branch of China Mining association", "China Exploration News Release".
Since the establishment on December 19th, 2001 MEB, sticking to the purpose of service, has organized and carried out investigation and research on mineral exploration, training program on exploration techniques, offered information services, safeguarded member's interest and legitimate right, handed in or presented to the government offices concerned with the environment and works of mineral exploration, strengthened connection with foreign mining companies, extended the membership of the Branch, conducted concern work sponsored and authorized by the government.

Welcome every mining company, exploration company and organization to enroll as member in MEB, take part in activities presented by MEB. We hope sincerely to strengthen exchang and cooperation with mining organizations in home and abroad. We will devote ourselves to the sustainable development of our country and glob mining industry.

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